MadeirAS Film is a heat sensitive film made of 100% Polyolefin.

The 100 micron version is the perfect material for the MadeiraAS-All Soft Embroidery Technique, but could also replace the fabric for the batch technique.

The 30 micron version could be used in stead of a backing. *

MadeirAS is also convenient for the production of lace embroideries

MadeirAS-Film is removed completely by heat or can be cutted away.

The result:
Clean embroidery back side, leaving no residue behind.

Due to its composition, MadeirAS Film is useful and versatile embroidery aid for everything from fine and stretchy fabrics to standard cotton ones. With MadeirAS Film, even problem fabrics can be embroidered without puckering and its use can eliminate the necessity to use adhesive spray.

*The requirement to use the 30 micron version instead of backing is the base fabric to be stitched should allow heat treatment.


Please refer also to the “How to” leaflets:

Application of badges
Removal of the MadeirAS Film

Make-up MadeirAS (100 µ):
rolls of 100 m x 100 cm: Art. No. 035AS11B
rolls of 100 m x 50 cm: Art. No. 035AS51B

Make-up MadeirAS (30 µ)
rolls of 100 m x 200 cm: Art. No. 035AS123

Technical Data Sheet MadeirAS