Backings & Toppings

Our new E-ZEE collection

The E-ZEE backing range includes tear-away and cut-away backings in different consistencies and thickness of materials. Included are fusible backings for better stabilizing on stretchy or difficult fabrics and a self-adhesive backing which is ideal if the fabric cannot be framed. (STICK-ON).

The decision about the choice of backing is always very individual and consideration should be given to the fabric and design to be stitched.

Criteria for the right choice of the stabilizer for your embroidery:

Æ Thickness and nature of your fabric to be stitched
      (elastic, rough or smooth)

Æ Can the fabric be framed?

Æ Density and complexity of the stitch design

Æ Does the reverse of the embroidery have to be kind to the skin?

Details about the use of backings and an overview on the recommended stabilizer from the E-ZEE backing range for the variety of fabric styles and embroidery applications can be found here:

Overview E-ZEE backing materials

MADEIRA additionally offers the heat soluble MadeirAS and the water soluble AVALON for special requirements. 

Ask for detailed product information and examples for your first tests: contact






To meet your requirements the E-ZEE program also contains special films:


water soluble film especially for towelling and knitted fabric. [more...]




heat soluble films leave the reverse of embroidery free of backing residue



E-ZEE PreFrame
the time and cost saving solution for badge production. Exclusively for AFS.




and there's more

MADEIRA’s 3-D foam material.
the perfect solution to create raised embroideries. [more ...]