MADEIRA's Ethical Business

Since the foundation in 1919 Madeira developed itself permanently as a producer and trader of top quality embroidery threads and embroidery accessories.

Madeira is today one of the very few global player in the industrial thread business with the distinct focusing on textile refinement and fashion industry.

This expertise gained in many decades and the accompanied high quality standard Madeira getting scale up to a market leader. The unmatched range and variety of products becomes worldwide acceptance.

MADEIRA feels constrained to secure this continuousness standard acquired in the future.


MADEIRA offers its customers a wide range of embroidery goods.

The variety of embroidery goods is completed in a wide range of accessories. Whatever backings and toppings, underthreads, needles etc. – Madeira want to leave nothing to be desired for its customers.


To this date MADEIRA is a family firm managed by the Schmidts.

This is how we act in the market and based our business ethics, the behaviour to our employee among each other as well as MADEIRA interact with our business partner.


The world is MADEIRA’s oyster.

MADEIRA wants to develop the multicultural cooperation both colleagues themselves and the choice of its business partner. This is to be a key force of its international success.


A good working atmosphere is to be a requirement for MADEIRA working successfully together.

●  We communicate in an open and faithful way regardless nationality or

●  Integrity, respect and team work towards our colleagues, regardeness
which position, is very important for Madeira.

●  MADEIRA wants to get a constantly honest and constructive
    feedback from its colleagues towards each other.

●  This behaviour associating with its employees, Madeira also wants to
     keep company with its customer and also calls for its business partner.


Our strong position onto the market only could be achieved by the excellent quality standard of our products.

We tend to secure and expend this competitive advantage. MADEIRA will ensure this by continuous improvement of its existing products und the developing of new technologies.


MADEIRA will keep on supporting and relieving the activity of its customers optimal.

●  Madeira wants to offer its customers the possibility to implement their
    individual design ideas efficient and in a time saved way.

●  Our innovation results e.g. in worldwide patents of process 
    engineerings and a pioneering task in conserving environment and

●  Almost all of our products are certified in Oeko Tex category 1 and 
    thus comply to the highest environmentally standards.


MADEIRA tries to satisfy its customer out of its best in future as well.