Endless frame exclusively for the AF-System.


Crisp and clean borders with the patented E-ZEE PreFrames from MADEIRA.

The unique consumable good for the AF-System, a truly innovation for a carefree production of emblems for the name patches embroidery.

Try to imagine the assistance only to program your machine and to be able to do other things during the embroidering! You only have to enter the number of badges you want to stitch and your embroidery machine will do the rest of its own – it is so easy!

  • No more hardly hand-cutting

  • When your emblem is stitched, you only have to pull it out off the special foil of the E-ZEE PreFrame. The emblem has Crisp and clean borders!

  • No more hardly trying to place the emblem correctly and to stitch the names on the right position

  • Due to the automation you work more flexible and more efficient.

  • It is much easier to organize the production

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